Katlyn Sudac

Katlyn Sudac / Transaction & Marketing

Katlyn Sudac is a multi-faceted professional with a passion for Marketing and Transaction Management in the realm of commercial real estate. With a wealth of experience as a transaction coordinator, Katlyn adeptly navigates escrows, leases, and consulting projects, ensuring seamless operations. Her proficiency extends to marketing commercial properties, where she skillfully showcases their value. Beyond the office, Katlyn treasures her roles as a devoted fiancée, mother to two wonderful children, and caretaker of a lively entourage including two dogs and three ducks. Family time holds a special place in her heart, whether it’s bonding over boating adventures on local lakes, embracing the great outdoors through camping escapades, or nurturing her children’s education. In her downtime, Katlyn’s creativity shines in the kitchen as she explores new recipes, merging her passion for cooking with her flair for innovation.

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